West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

[Accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa, ACTEA]



WATS has a library run and managed by highly trained and experienced staff. The library houses more 45,000 volumes covering virtually all courses that are taught in the Seminary. The library has a growing periodical section.

Mission Statement

To select, interpret, organize and equip students and staff with the tools necessary to achieve the institutional goals (vision)
WATS Library collections rate over 40 thousand printed items, in addition to over 50 journals and several quantities of materials in many other formats.
The Library exists as a major educational and cultural resource of the Seminary. Its basic specific goals include the following:

  1. To select and acquire books and "books" materials to support the curriculum in keeping with the selection policy and the Seminary's objectives.
  2. To develop the library's resources with special concentration in the area of Biblical, theological, educational, pastoral, religion, and missiological studies.
  3. To provide representative material in the field of knowledge not directly covered by, but related to the curriculum, in keeping with the traditional rule of Collection Development.
  4. To provide resources which are applicable in a two-thirds World (developing countries) context with special interest in Africa (5% of the collection must be Africana).
  5. To develop the collection to a level which meets the ACTEA/National University Commission accreditation standards, and then go on beyond these standards, to an international standard the mission of the institution?
  1. To organize and make available necessary books and other materials in a usable form
  2. To provide guidance and assistance to patrons.
  3. To develop library skills which may be useful not only during the student's time here but also as he/she continues his/her life-long education?
  4. To make the collection available to users while at the same time preserving materials for the future.
  5. To maintain excellent public relations in all contacts with users.
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