West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

[Accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa, ACTEA]

Educational Goals

West Africa Theological Seminary has very specific goals for our students covering Spiritual Devotion, Personal Maturity, Academic Competency, Professional Competency, and Educational Satisfaction. Below are the details of these goals.

Spiritual Devotion

The graduate of WATS should be able to give measurable evidence of achieving the following competencies relating to spiritual devotion:

  • Give a persuasive personal testimony of having experienced the New Birth in Jesus Christ.
  • Practice discipleship as evidenced through personal devotional habits, interactive discipleship with others, and personal/relational evangelism.
  • Evidence a determination to grow in sanctification by continuing to put off sin and to put on Christ.
  • Demonstrate a consistent pursuit of Christ likeness as enabled by the Holy Spirit by living a holy, consecrated life, to be exemplified throughout the seminary tenure.
  • Engage in effective soul-winning.

Personal Maturity

Having completed studies and encountered extracurricular activities, the graduate of the seminary should be able to give measurable evidence of the following competencies relating to personal maturity:

  • Engage in wholesome relationships with both believers and non-believers, practicing conflict resolution and peacemaking when placed in difficult circumstances.
  • Show diligence, perseverance, skill, and relationship building when given demanding responsibilities to execute.
  • Practice good citizenship through awareness of social issues and structures, participating in voting and other social decision-making, and maintenance of the highest ethical standards in business and personal affairs.
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with family members—parents, spouse, children, and others, as one's situation may be.
  • Demonstrate awareness of and appreciation for the historical tradition—politically, socially, and religiously—which has significantly impacted the graduate.

Academic Competency

As a result of both curricular and extracurricular activities, the graduate should be able to provide evidence of having achieved the specific academic goals outlined for the program from which the student graduates.

Professional Competency

Each academic major has its own unique set of competencies that relate to a specific field of Christian leadership. You will find these lists in the Academic Prospectus where each of the majors are discussed.

Educational Satisfaction

The graduate of WATS should be assisted in experiencing satisfaction with the learning opportunities encountered. This satisfaction might be measured through the student's ability to:

  • List a greater number of the seminary experiences with which the student is satisfied than with which he or she is dissatisfied.
  • Outline a strategy for life-long learning.
  • Be an enthusiastic ambassador for WATS.

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