West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

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Alumni Giving

Supporting the WATS Ministry as an Alumnus

As an alumnus of WATS, you may be asking how you can support the great future that God has designed for the Seminary! We recommend you consider some of the following ways:

  • Keep WATS in your mind and heart on an on-going basis and develop the habit of regularly Praying for her – at least one day every week. Pray for the leadership and donors including Friends of WATS overseas.
  • Be a Student Recruiter for WATS by continuously recommending the Seminary to those around you to enroll in either her undergraduate or graduate programs.
  • Consider completing further education yourself at WATS. If you have not completed your undergraduate degree, Masters degree, or Doctor of Ministry program, contact the admission office and plan to get involved.
  • Perhaps the most practical way an alumnus can help WATS financially is to underwrite a WATS student scholarship. As much as WATS needs large and small capital donations, an ongoing assistance through scholarships is practically the most viable option for our alumni to get involved. We call on our WATS alumni to step forward to give an annual vote of confidence to this great institution. These scholarships provide:
    • A proven way to have a direct impact on the life of one or more leaders-in-training.
    • A proven way to enhance the overall strength of the Seminary.
    • A way to invest in the future of Nigeria and other African countries.

How Does a WATS Student Scholarship Work?

  • We calculate the average cost of training a student – operating costs divided by the number of students.
  • WATS will assign your scholarship to a particular student and while the student will not be told who his sponsor is you will be able to know exactly whom you are sponsoring.
  • Periodically you will receive an updated student testimony through the WATS scholarship secretary.
  • Through your generosity WATS receives what would normally be covered by the students' payment plus the additional amount of operating expenses student payments cannot cover. This helps WATS to meet its rising operating costs.

Student scholarships at WATS have made the vital difference for many scores of students. Thanks for considering your own scholarship assistance today! Contact the Office of the Provost to get started!

Other Giving Opportunities

As an alumnus you may also help WATS reach the goal of raising a FOUNDATION FIFTY here in Nigeria. Foundation 50 is a vision to raise 50 Nigerian individuals or churches that will provide the foundation of our ongoing institutional support by pledging an on-going minimum of 1,000,000 NGR (One Million naira) annually. WATS needs your help to find these people or churches who can rise to this challenge.

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