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WATS Alumni

WATS has graduated over 1,000 students from its various programs. Another 1,000 have been enrolled in one program or the other across its history. WATS has made an indelible impact on the Church in Africa and beyond with its alumni serving as missionaries, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and church leaders in almost all the continents of the world.

The untapped potential in WATS alumni is enormous. Wherever WATS alumni have gone they have carried with them at least a portion of the WATS dream to transform our societies, to live holy lives, to carry the Gospel to the unreached and to impact our nations for biblical revival. Our desire is to see much of this alumni potential refocused back to WATS, in order to enable us, after the celebration of the Seminary’s 25th Anniversary in 2014, double and triple our impact.

Association of WATS Alumni (AWA)

The Association of WATS Alumni is an umbrella body that meets to discuss matters that affect its members and also dialogue with members on matters of interest. AWA holds its Annual General Meeting in September of every year. The association continues to work with the Alumni Liaison Officer, Pastor Oba Obashoyin to help discover ways the alumni can best serve the Seminary. On October 1, 2012, it published the maiden edition of the “AWA Magazine” to commemorate the first 30 years of the Dr. Gary Maxey’s missionary activities in Nigeria.

For an Alumnus to become a member of AWA, he/she is required to:

  • Pay a membership registration fee of 500 NGR.
  • Pay an annual membership due of 1000 NGR.
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting.

The association’s e-mail address is alumni@wats.edu.ng



We offer this web-presence for our friends and interested people to get better acquainted with us. Check these sections:

  • Log into Facebook, locate and join the WATS Alumni Group
  • Talk with the Alumni Office about ways that you can help recruit more students to enroll in our programmes
  • Explore ways to encourage your acquaintance to support WATS financially
  • Send the Alumni Office updates and news that we can share with the larger WATS community

My experience graduate studies set the trajectory for my life and ministry. I am eternally grateful!

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