West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

[Accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa, ACTEA]

Frequently Asked Question

When does the school terms begin?

The first semester which begins in early August. That is the best time to start your studies. The second semester begins in early January. Students can begin at that time but it is not the most desirable time as you may be out of step with your programme requirements.

What is my first step for enrolling?

Begin by going through the Programmes Overview in the Admissions menu which gives you an insight into the programs we offer and the corresponding admission requirements. This will enable you to ascertain your eligibility before you start application process proper. You can also contact the Admissions Officer at  admissions@wats.edu.ng for further enquiries.

What housing accommodation does the school offer students?

The Seminary has accommodation for both male and female students at affordable rates.

What Choice between Online and Manual Application?

If you are applying from outside the country, online application would be more convenient for you. However, at the point of registration, you will be required to submit all documents and application forms in hard copies.

For answers to questions not treated here, please send us an email via  admissions@wats.edu.ng.

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