West Africa Theological Seminary, Lagos, Nigeria

[Accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa, ACTEA]

Academic Overview

West Africa Theological Seminary began in 1989 in Imo State to train men and women for holy living, for carrying the Gospel to the unreached, and for catalyzing spiritual awakening. The academic programmes lie central to the achievement of that mission. Six hundred men and women from a number of West African countries and multiple denominations engage in academic and personal spiritual formation in preparation for Christian leadership.

The school offers a variety of academic programmes at both the undergraduate and graduate levels:

Undergraduate Programmes

  • BA in Theology (129 semester hours available in four majors)
    • Pastoral ministry
    • Biblical studies
    • Missions
    • Christian education
  • BA in Religion (129 semester hours)

Classes in these programmes come in the traditional semester session and the Long Holiday. We also offer a weekend schedule to accommodate those students who work during the week and want to study on Friday nights and Saturday.

Graduate Programmes

  • MA in Biblical Studies (60 semester hours)
  • MA in Intercultural Studies (60 semester hours)
  • MA in Christian Education (60 semester hours)
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv.)
  • MA in Christian Leadership (60 semester hours). Often referred to as "Bishop's Class", this program targets senior church leaders)
  • The Doctor of Ministry which commenced in January 2014.

We use the four-week module system for offering the graduate courses. Each module consists of two weeks intensive study on campus in which you will spend 45 hours in the classroom with other students and the instructor. During the second two weeks of the module, you finish your course assignments such as additional reading and serious academic writing. You may engage in some small group projects during this time. You can do up to ten modules in a twelve month period.


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